The Infernal Combustion Engine - Lyndon Queripel

"Piston broke!”
“You are?”
“No, my car.”
“You could choke on the smoke
And not only that
A front tyre went flat
The radiator burst
And if that wasn't the worst
It had to breakdown
In the middle of town,
In the pouring rain.”
“Oh, what a pain.”
“Yes,it was no joke,
Just another stroke
Of bad luck of course.”
“So, what did the garage
Have to say by the way ?”
“Well, they recommended
Not to get it mended.
It's not worth it you see ?”
“But was there no warranty
“Or even any guarantee ?”
“No, but the mechanic chap
Said they'd scrap it for free.”
“Hey, what's this thing for?
I found it on the floor.
By the back wheel.
It's stainless steel.”
“Who knows where that bit goes?”
“Well, I suppose .....
You could try riding a horse!”

Lyndon Queripel

Auction Hall - Kathy Figueroa

Department stores are nice
But prices there are high
If you've got lots of cash
They've lots of things to buy

But if you're like most folks
Just trying to make do
You'll want to save some bucks
But get a bargain too

I know a type of place
That isn't hard to find
Where you can stop to shop
And still have peace of mind

It'll have what you require
Deals there are glorious
No need for debt most dire
Thrift'll be victorious

It's like Utopia
A great big bargain mine
A cornucopia
Of stuff that's mighty fine

Washers, tools, lawnmowers
Books that are very old
Antiques, art, and armchairs
And dishes edged with gold

Buttons, brooms, and cow bells
Snowshoes and winter boots
Radios and tvs
Harmonicas and flutes

Old china cabinets
Candles with fancy scents
Sheets and pillowcases
Knick-knacks and ornaments

Coins, carvings, and curtains
Paintings and flower pots
And boxes of treasure
That are known as "job lots"

Should you need to hearken
To Frugality's call
Then just head on over
To a great Auction Hall!

Kathy Figueroa

Pool Thoughts - Diane Scantlebury

The sun dances
In crazy patterns
Random and mesmerising
On the white pool wall
As my thoughts float
Over the tepid water
Broken only by
The hum of the pump
Then drift up
Into the mildly steamy air
Through the window
In the bluest of blue sky
Cliché foamy clouds glide
With no urgency or purpose
To an unknown destination
Beyond the edge of the frame
The slap of the tangy water
Breaks my reverie
And I swim to the side

Diane Scantlebury

Competition Winner - April 2013
Optimist Primed ~ Tranformed - Adrian Osborne

Image Source: John Buchanan

The image above is called 'Just Resting'. It was taken by John Buchanan.

Optimist Primed ~ Tranformed - Adrian Osborne

So many eyes behold the change,
the awesome transformation seems to be somewhat complete
but look, a thousand variations are now presented to our minds
each one of us that views the process? Sees a very different end..
for some ? the warmth of flame comes roaring forth.
for others ? the promise of a stylish furnished room.
for me ? a place to charcoal scribe my optimistic thoughts
deep within the giants very heart,
for you ? the process flows with you to where ever you’ll imagine,
But for most ? it’s just a fallen tree, that crashed upon the ground.

Adrian Osborne

Your Flame - Marianna Pliakou

Your eyes are burning,
but within I spy forests and rivers
and panthers jumping out,
in quest of everything there is.
I swear I saw them again the other day,
and then,
last night,
the moon was overflowing on your skin.

And there, before you,
before your sun & your moon and your panthers,
I know that this flame is a noble one.
Marianna Pliakou

That Other Rabbit Hole - Andrew Barham

What is this sad place where friendships go to die?
I thought we'ld be forever-friends, you and I –
It never pays to take friendship for granted
These dark days of rain falling, dense and slanted,
Counterpoint to the heartache searing my soul
Like falling down through that other rabbit hole.

The old pocket-watch waits, quietly ticking,
Seconds become minutes silently sticking
As the Universe all around me pauses –
Those frantic effects awaiting their causes;
Whatever estranged answers await me here
I know only that my world is bleak and sere.

That other rabbit hole is no wonderland
Enchanted with what we've yet to understand,
Though understanding here is also lacking:
The strange symmetry of charm is sent packing;
Instead of charm there is only estrangement –
A bleak alternative rearrangement.

When we cannot understand what has passed by
When all that has happened, takes us like a cry
Rending every moment of love with pain
So that we feel the hurt again and again
All efforts failing no matter how we try
Then have we only, the final question, "Why?"

Andrew Barham

The Woodman - Stephen A. Roberts

Image Source:  Stephen A. Roberts

I visited Hong Kong for the first time last October and went out to Lantau Island to see the Giant Buddha. Ignoring the throng of sightseers the serenity of the area is a complete opposite to the densely populated metropolis. On the way back to the city I saw these people planting trees or bushes near the Tung Chung metro station. The poem is a distillation of the contrast between those two worlds.

The Woodman - Stephen A. Roberts

the woodman
is not bothered
the woodman
is unconcerned
the woodman
cares not
for the city

Stephen A. Roberts

Into Spring! - Jenny Hamon

Oh how I’ve yearned
This winter long
To hear the birds
And feel the sun
But winter seems
Endless this year
We need some warmth
To bring us cheer

I felt the sun
Upon my skin
Today, it must be
A sign of spring
But don’t speak too soon
‘Cos as darkness comes
The temperature
Again will plunge

Be patient for a while
They say
Another month
And it is May
When we can say
At last it’s here
Cast off our coats
And raise a cheer.....hopefully!

Jenny Hamon

A Bit of Froth - Diane Scantlebury

Could a bit of froth
Be missing from my life?
That light scummy bit
Floating on a cappuccino
Full of air
And worth nothing
The fragrant bubbly bubbles
Skimming the troubled waters
Coalescing until they pop
And the excitement is gone
Leaving the initial promise
Flat and uninviting

Diane Scantlebury

Find a Happy Place - Diane Scantlebury

I will find a
happy place for you
and keep it in my heart
so you’ll have
somewhere safe to stay
when we are apart

Truth came knocking
at your door
you wouldn’t let it in
you took the letters
that it wrote
and threw them in the bin

It is not my fault
you cannot see
the place where real truth lies
an apparition
although so bright and clear
couldn’t unveil
your sceptic eyes

There really is no hope for us
while you’re in
such a negative state
the ball is firmly
In your court
to seal your lover’s fate

So find a happy place
and keep it safe for me
find a happy place
for that’s where
I want to be

Diane Scantlebury

Rainbow - Adrian Osborne

So, you think you need a rainbow ?
to find a pot of gold ?
you need to find it's very end,
or so you have been told..
three wishes or a fortune,
do you wander what is there ?
the legend say's ?
that when it's found ?
you'll live without a care,
Good fortune will surround you,
in everything you do...
A life of smiles and happiness,
find love that's deep and true,
emotions that feed heart and mind,
a chance to start anew.

Now, think for just one minute, please..
a rainbow, where's it found ?
it stretches far across the skies,
it ends ? upon the ground.
It's a picture perfect masterpiece !
it's perfection ? very rare !!
Our lives compared ?
so very flawed, I'm sure you are aware !!
So consider good within your lives,
as the rainbows golden gain,
acccept lifes imperfections too !!
as we all go through some pain,
and think about that rainbow,
over our world thats gone insane,
It's something that you'ld never see !!
if there wasn't any rain !!

Adrian Osborne

Caerphilly Night - Diane Scantlebury

I saw a carpet
Of golden stars
Sparkling in the
Black Caerphilly night
Beacons of far off homes
In the valley
Shimmering jewel bright
Even the full magnificent moon
With its iridescent glow
Could not eclipse the spectacle of
The snow dusted scene below
Distant faery lights flickering
From amber then to green
What mysteries would
Their illumination unfold
Of human life laid bare
Tragic stories untold

Diane Scantlebury

Spring Is Coming - Elizabeth Fisher

Naked trees staring at me
I know they’re waiting to turn green.
I'll come again in week or two
And know that their leaves will have come through.
I'll see them wave
And smile at me
I will be looking at the very same trees.
They will have changed you see.
Isn't nature a wonderful thing.
It makes my heart like a bird in springtime sing.

Elizabeth Fisher

Have Faith - Elizabeth Fisher

Only rain in the sky
Only clouds fluttering by
I'm just waiting for another day
When I know they will fade away.
Sun comes after rain
I'm told
I know my happiness will unfold
Just bide your time
And you will find
Great happiness
And peace of mind.

Elizabeth Fisher

When Milk Was Milk - Janet

I remember well in days gone by
when Guernsey cream smothered apple pie.
Cakes ballooned with custard thick
and filled our palates with a taste so rich.
Before cholesterol reared its ugly head
now zero fat yoghurt we eat instead.
The taste it does not recreate
but leaves us in a virtuous state.
Milk was whole and all we knew
and lent the tea an orange hue.
Now it’s red and blue and green,
calorie counted and squeaky clean.
Then, butter was golden and thickly spread
on great slabs of pure white bread.
A meagre scrape of low calorie, now
adorns a cracker for my tea.
Served with a stick of celery
a zero fat healthy treat for me.
It doesn’t seem so long ago
that all we ever had to know,
was, butter was gold and tasted right
and milk was milk and coloured white.


Table For One – Second Sitting - Diane Scantlebury

At my table
Alone again
I sit and sigh
Watching the world
Through the window
Sliding by
Red buses with red faces
Pressed up to the glass
Black cabs and cyclists
All rushing past
Between courses
I lean back on my chair and gaze
As the forms scurry by
Now in a wine induced haze
I order another
I toy with my phone
Eat my dessert
Pay and go home

Diane Scantlebury

Irresistible You - Diane Scantlebury

What is it about you
That I cannot say
No to you?
I cannot resist you
You are my marmite
But I love you
And hate you
At the same time
I want to consume you
Let you melt
Inside me
Caress you with
My lips and tongue
You are the one
I crave every day
My chocolate heaven

Diane Scantlebury

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