How to Submit Poems

Bailiwick of Guernsey residents of any age can submit a poem to Guernsey Poets to be posted on this blog.

To submit poetry please send it by email to with the words "Poem Submission" in the subject header.

The submission must contain;

1. The name of the person submitting it. (As it will be displayed on the blog)
2. The name of the author if not the person above.
3. The Poem’s title.

The submission may contain;

1. An image, this must have a source.
2. A comment which says something about the poem / author

Frequency of Poem Submission

In order to balance the styles and variety of poetry appearing on the blog we normally leave at least five days between submissions from each poet. That said we encourage poets to submit as many poems as they like.


The poem remains the property of the author.

Submission is taken as permission to post the poem on the blog and the internet.

Guernsey Poets reserve the right to reject material considered unsuitable for the blog.


Writing using just upper case is generally regarded as the convention for shouting / or expressing anger. It also makes text much harder to read.

It is therefore requested that when posting comments or submitting poems that you use the conventional mix of upper and lower case.

Poems submitted in upper case alone will not be published in upper case. As such their chances of being published are significantly reduced as they will need to be converted.

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