Earth Spirit - Trudie Shannon

I let the water fall
Through sunshine and onto cloud.
I let the water fall
Through rainbow and into sound.
I am the rhythm.
I am the soul.
My dreams cascade
My vital waters flow
Into harvests,
Into ground.
I am straight and lithe in growing wheat
I am the life in each bird's wing as it takes flight.
I let the water fall
Let glistening pearls rest
Upon leaf and twig, flesh and fur.
I let the wind call through the grasses
Crossing meadows, traversing forests,
Rippling waters, rivers and seas.
I await, for my seasons fruit to fall
Enriching all,
The soil, the earth, my Self.
I let the water fall
Through sunshine and onto cloud

Trudie Shannon

Sundance - Lyndon Queripel

Your shadow escaped capture
Now your spirit is reconciled
You've got to find your roots
Before you are exiled
Freedom is a word
That a lot of people use
When they think they’ve got
Nothing left to lose

Sundance in the morning
Sing away the rain
Ignore the early warning
Once again

There’s gold in the hills
And diamonds in the dust
There’s silver in your smile
And wander in your lust
There’s a promise broken
And an air of mistrust
With a rainbow on the rise
That’s just turning to rust

Sundance for the seed
Clouds obscure the view
Will the sky you need
Be cleared to blue

The moment of truth
Can no longer be delayed
Let go of your fear
You don’t have to be afraid
Peace is the time and space
Between all of the wars
Fought to the bitter end
For an almost forgotten cause

Sundance for the children
Take them by the hand
Pray that they will listen
They will understand.

Lyndon Queripel

Open Mic - The Grange Lodge Hotel - 17th December 2018

Open Mic Evening - 17th December 2018
20:00 hrs - 22:00 hrs
The Grange Lodge Hotel, St. Peter Port, Guernsey
The 'Non-compulsory' theme is; 'Christmas'
The guest musician is; 'James Dumbleton'

Face(book) - Ian Duquemin

You know, Facebook can be such a powerful tool
It can teach you the things they avoided in school
If you scroll past the nonsense and seek you can learn
About forests of trees (for your palm oil) they burn
There are posts that will show you how animals die
But you're scared if you watch them you'll break down and cry
But that is its purpose, and why it is there
To show you have heart, and to prove that you care
You can read of our world, and the damage we've done
This is something so real, it should scare everyone
Your children, their children, their children to be
Might not know of a fish that once lived in the sea
If you scroll past the posts that are trying to teach
If you think that your friends are just trying to preach
I ask you... Is posting your dinner okay?
When the dinner you show was alive yesterday!
Do you think that a quote that you found on the net
Will make others think twice of the karma they'll get?
It's a fact, no one thinks when the truth has been shared
If you did, then a million lives would be spared
So read what is posted, and watch when you can
By eating a cow doesn't make you a man
But by shedding a tear when you see something real
Is how every human should honestly feel

Ian Duquemin

Angry Rural Folks Went To Town - Kathy Figueroa

A truck burns during a "Yellow vest" protest in Paris ©Reuters/Benoit Tessier 

I’m glad I wasn’t in Paris today,
Sipping coffee on the Champs-Élysées,
When a huge riot and conflagration
Erupted in front of a shocked nation.

A fuel tax hike caused intense widespread ire,
Which resulted in unleashed rage and fire,
When 5,000 came to show discontent,
Demonstrate en masse, and violently vent.

They questioned President Macron's choices,
By collectively raising their voices.
November 24th, a Saturday,
The public’s anger was on full display.

Higher tax was simply too much to bear,
And it was clearly felt to be unfair.
The standard of living was going down,
Hence the angry rural folks went to town….

Kathy Figueroa

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