My Dreams Are Of You - Aindre Reece-Sheerin

May I ask you, beseech you, plead even,
Step lightly forward
What I have lain before you are my dreams
Dreams of you, dreams of me

Working and staying in the light
The light that love instills in us all

Like when I hear you call me softly
reach out and touch me, not always in presence

Lightly then, take the way forward
for my dreams are yours as I give them freely
like I would a most delicate, perfumed, coloured rose
and watch with wonderment as you take the scent to your nose

These though are not eggshells
for we work together and separately as one
thinking of our love, our respect and admiration too
these are in fact like petals, parts of me and of you

Aindre Reece-Sheerin

All Around The World - Shannon Shell

With thanks to Al Green for the opening two lines.

All around the World
People are crying,
Listen and you can hear.
People are hiding,
Another beating they fear.
People are lying,
Plastic smiles from ear to ear.
People are dying,
It makes the pain disappear.

Jonny is crying.
His dad just died.
His family hates him.
They’ve taken his pride.
So tonight he cuts.
And his skin starts to peel.
Sometimes he wonders what it’s like to feel.

All around the world, sadness creeps in.
In all the places you’ve seen.
In all the places you’ve been.

Molly is hiding.
Her dad is drunk again.
She hides herself away.
She hopes she’ll be okay.
Then her dad opens the door.
He kicks her ‘til she bleeds.
He tells her she is worthless.
It’s a waste of air she breathes.

All around the world, sadness creeps in.
In all the places you’ve seen.
In all the places you’ve been.

Danny is lying.
All the pain and hurting.
Covered up by smiles.
All his stupid flirting.
And his laughter.
Just one terrible lie.
Drugs of salvation.
Rehab he’ll forever try.

All around the world, sadness creeps in.
In all the places you’ve seen.
In all the places you’ve been.

Jenny is dying.
She can’t breathe no more.
Noose around her neck.
Her feet don’t touch the floor.
The pain killed her.
Her family and friend.
They shut the door.
So this is her final end.

Crying can you hear.
Hiding and they fear.
Lying ear to ear.
Drying…then finally disappear.

Shannon Shell

Sarah - Shannon Shell

R.I.P Sarah (2010-2013)

Sarah - Shannon Shell

My name is Sarah.
I am but three.
My eyes are swollen, I cannot see.
I must’ve of been stupid, I must’ve of been bad
What else could have made him so mad?

When I’m awake I’m all alone.
My house is dark, my folks aren’t home.
When daddy does come home I’ll try to be nice
So maybe I’ll only get one beating tonight.

Don’t make a sound. ‘I’m sorry!’ I scream
But it’s no too late.
His face has been twisted into unimaginable hate.
The hurt and the pain…
Again and again.

Please god have mercy, please let it end.
He finally stops, and heads for the door
While I lay motionless sprawled on the floor.

My name is Sarah.
I am but three.
Tonight my daddy nearly killed me

Shannon Shell

Tomorrow Never Comes - Aindre Reece-sheerin

Whether it is today or yesterday
or one day next week
tomorrow never comes

How often do we say on Monday
See you tomorrow
Tomorrow if indeed we survive
Monday, is Tuesday
So tomorrow never comes

It rained on Wednesday
and all thru Thursday
Today Friday the sun shone a little

but still, tomorrow never comes

A love that's fresh
and new like spring buds
could last until next week
or even a fortnight's time
but tomorrow will never come

I say that I will do such and such today
and even at night sometimes
I will kneel and pray
giving thanks for the day
without a thought for tomorrow

because tomorrow never comes

Aindre Reece-sheerin

Circles - Lyndon Queripel

Alone down by the sea
Only my shadow follows me
I reach the beach breathlessly
Blown by the winds of destiny

Empty boats tethered to posts
Drifting, shifting with the tide
like all the weathered ghosts
That still haunt me deep inside

So many waves without a hand
I turn towards the shore
There's footprints in the sand
Someone's passed this way before

But I can hear no sound
And no one answers my call
Maybe i've been walking around
In circles after all .

Lyndon Queripel

A Cup of Tea Please - Questa

A cup of tea please
and two biscuits
thank-you very much
that table over there
by the window
with the view
Nothing for my friend
He's an Alien
Doesn't eat our food
You can offer
If you like
But where he's from
it's considered rude
Oh - and don't stare
I know he doesn't look
like an alien
but he is.
It must be the wheelchair
that throws you
It's a disguise
but he is an alien
Look at his eyes
They're cold and empty
since the accident
When he was human
and his mouth
made words
not noises
but he's harmless now
He can't get back
where he came from
Earth -


The Last Dance - Joan Raleigh

We always danced the last dance of the evening.
Neither of us were what you would call dancers, but
that one was special. You would move lightly and slowly,
so that you wouldn’t step on my feet.
And we would hold each other,
concentrating yet feeling the moment together.
Too soon, the music would finish.
I didn’t want it to, I wanted it to go on, and on;
So I could feel the nearness of you a little longer.
When would we dance again?
Time would not allow that hope,
Or answer that question.

Joan Raleigh

Memory Full - Lyndon Queripel

Memory full, I must delete
I haven't got another shot
Another photo will have to go
Make space for another face
Another frame,another name
Memory full, I must delete
And the worst will be the first
There must be one,where's it gone
With eyes of red and half a head
Or just a blur of him or her
Memory full, I must delete
The ones you took when your hands shook
I must delete, memory full
Who ARE all these people ?

Lyndon Queripel

Schooldaze - Lyndon Queripel

When fondly reminiscing away
about the good old days
I've often heard people say
the best time they remember
was when they were at school
now I don't know if that's true
and I don't know about you
I maybe an exception to the rule
but the best time I remember
when I was at school
was four o' clock.

Lyndon Queripel

Chinese Proverb - John Carré Buchanan

He lay there silent,
head tipped back,
a look of surprise
fixed in his eyes.

On his head
two black spots lie
separated by a maw
that was not there before.

The line of scarlet
crossed his brow.
He’d not had time
to utter 'ow'.

I remembered then
an old adage;

“Do not remove a fly
from your friend’s forehead
with a hatchet.”

John Carré Buchanan

Glance meeting - Lyndon Queripel

She was just a face
Another face in the crowd
And yet our eyes met

Lyndon Queripel

Some Really Dumb Haiku - Andrew Barham

Fishing for luck
Onychorhynchus keto
We'll have a fry-up!


Barely moving twigs
Foraging for tasty leaves
Slender stick insects


No time tomorrow
There's a bad moon on the rise
My red sky warning


Shake rattle and roll
Growing imperceptibly
Earthquake from nowhere


Earth shaking last month
When it really starts to rock
I phone my brother

Andrew Barham

Skeena Connector - Andrew Barham

Sit back and enjoy the ride:
I love it when it's really cold outside
And the blue sky is clear and bright
All the snow everywhere pure and white
Glittering like tiny diamonds in the sunlight
Every tiny branch and stem
Covered in crystalline gems
Sparkling and gleaming clear
Distant mountains looming near
As though I could touch them through the frozen air
Until we drop down off this moraine
Coasting into the valley again
Accelerating as over the bridge we go
Into the river's valley below
Past crags and trees etched with snow;
On either side the forest so green
Covers the river's frozen flood-plain
Flanked by mountains clothed in white;
Through the window I behold these sights
And once again, everything feels just right.

Andrew Barham

Space Face - Lyndon Queripel

There was a one eyed creature from space
Who fell to Earth from grace
It felt a shiver of terror
When it looked in a mirror
because it had never seen it’s own face

Lyndon Queripel

Our Bloney Winter Weather! - Jenny Hamon

Image Source: Hamon / Buchanan

Our Bloney Winter Weather! - Jenny Hamon

We’re in the middle of winter
And nothing is able to grow
The ground is completely sodden
I’d much rather have some snow

The hedges and banks are collapsing
And roads have been closed by a flood
The poor farmers can’t access their crops
As the fields are too deep in mud.

We could do with a cold dry wind
To clear all of this water away
And then a crisp sharp frost
To keep all the bugs at bay.

But I see they’re forecasting sleet
In the next few days to come
And of course it will then turn to rain
Will we ever see the sun?

Jenny Hamon

CHEMTRAILS - Lyndon Queripel

Chemtrails criss cross the skies
Relining every cloud
Tears burn in your eyes
Beneath a toxic shroud

Chemtrails criss cross the skies
In jet patterns of pollution
The anger in your eyes
Will offer no solution

Chemtrails criss cross the skies
That were clear and blue
The horizon in your eyes
Has turned a dirty hue

Would that explain
The acid in the rain
Or be the reason
For the veil across the sun ?

Chemtrails criss cross the skies
Changing the atmosphere
There’s dust in your eyes
And poison in your air

Chemtrails criss cross the skies
There’s radiation on the phone
There’s shadows in your eyes
And twilight in your zone

Chemtrails criss cross the skies
The Moon has turned to grey
Stars that shone in your eyes
Begin to fade away

Lyndon Queripel

Spare Rib - Lyndon Queripel

Scene One: The Garden of Eden

Adam is kneeling, he is praying
I have a feeling he is saying
"Dear God, please forgive me
I have sinned, now I repent
I couldn't resist the temptation
I am wise after the event
Now, about the situation
The World is on the Eve
Of woman's liberation
And as the best form of defence is attack
Do You think I could have my rib back?"

Lyndon Queripel

Black Rain - Lyndon Queripel

The black rain is falling down again
Dark clouds are rolling high
Up in the stormy sky
I start to shiver as they pass on by

The black rain is falling down again
And I wonder if it’s true
That there is nothing new
Left under the sun for you

If you’re off the beaten track
It’s time to come back
I just heard the thunder crack

It’s been over an hour
Since we had the last shower
And flash of lightning smokestack

The black rain is falling down again
And to whom it may concern
I feel my skin begin to burn
I’m at the point of no return

Lyndon Queripel

Into The Storm - Andrew Barham

When bleak roses die, a thorny blight
Their petals falling in the soft afternoon light
From faded flowers turning brown
To make a sad carpet on the hardening ground
Then Summer is gone and Fall is soon to follow ...

The leaves and flowers have all died away
Resting deeper down on a darker day,
Turning to ashes beneath the snow;
Arctic winds that icy blow
Scatter us with snow, a fine mist of luminous white

In the midst of this snow mist, a girl is there;
I picture her with snowflakes in her dark brown hair
In the soft glow of a street-lamp's beam,
Tiny snow crystals in her long eyelashes gleam
As together, we drift with the snow, fading ...

Andrew Barham

The Starfish - Stuart Price

He has no need of X Factor auditions
As he cruises the murky ocean depths
Looking for some tasty seafood to eat.

He has no anxiety about being a one hit wonder
Or being relevant in a constantly changing marketplace,
As he silently crosses coral reefs and
Converts sunlight to energy, while being
Swept along by warm ocean currents.

He doesn't dream of snorting cocaine from the chests of groupies
As he senses shades of light and dark from eyes at the end of his arms.
Just clean water and plankton are all he needs for happiness.

To reproduce he has no need of sordid snatched encounters
With star struck whimsies, in a drug fuelled haze at public conveniences.
He simply breaks an inch or two from a leg, which grows into another him.

Not for him the tortured artist persona, at the mercy of public taste or abandonment,
Because he truly is, and always will be, a Star [fish].

Stuart Price

If Music Be The Food Of Love – Prepare For Indigestion - Lyndon Queripel

Have you got a licence for that guitar
You know you need one now
And only the best pass the test
Do you think you will somehow

Have you got a licence for that guitar
You need one now you know
There’s charges to press if you confess
You tried to steal the show

Now you’d better face the facts
If you play you have to pay the tax
Now you’ll need some insurance
For a chance to sing and dance

Have you got a licence for that guitar
Isn’t that noise against the law
There’s forms to fill and names to bill
And rules you can’t ignore

Have you got a licence for that guitar
You seem to act surprised
Don’t you wait until it’s too late
For your song to be legalised

Lyndon Queripel

U.F.O. - Lyndon Queripel

Am I the only one who saw the light
Shining white in the sky last night
From rooftop valleys silver slate bright
Through jungles of TV aerial static
Past the mast of broadcast satellite
With the black crack of doom
Echoing in my bedroom attic
Was it a sign, a vision, a dream to capture
I hope to God it wasn’t the Rapture
Some one should have telephoned
I missed it and I wasn’t even stoned.

Lyndon Queripel

Sigh-Fi - Lyndon Queripel

Thunderbirds, Supercar
Fireball X.L.5
Will you all come true
While we’re still alive
E.T., Alien and Star Wars run
Beyond the year 2001
Dan Dare, Buck Rogers
Starship Enterprise too
While we’re still alive
Will you all come true
Imagine the Martians
Landing on the Moon
Will the second coming of Jesus
Be too soon ?

Lyndon Queripel

For Someone Special - Andrew Barham

sitting by the campfire on a deserted beach
my brother and I
under the dark canopy of night,
pinpoint stars in the patchy sky
the sea edged with remnants of a vast primeval forest;
trying to warm up after a cold swim –
the glowing sea – milky luminescence
alive with phosphorescent beauty
where every step sends swirling waves of light
cascading through the gently lapping water,
sparks of light, traces following behind
with every movement through the water
scintillating as they fall off our bare skin:
I can barely wait to share this lonely beauty
with someone special and beautiful,
two people alone,
sharing the beauty of our world
on a lonely beach
at the far end of a giant continent

Andrew Barham

Oh Well, That’s Cricket! - Lester Queripel

Ouch! My leg! My ankle! My shoulder!
I must be getting older.
But I’m not that old.
I’m not too old to catch a cold.
Pity I can’t catch the ball.
Every time I try to run I fall.
I’ll just have to do my best.
Today is the ‘big test’.
It’s the day of the big game.
I’ll just have to forget all my pain.
I’m really going to ‘go to town’.
Wear a smile, not a frown.
I’ll hit the ball all over the place.
I might even hit it into my own face!
Look on the bright side, it’ll be fun.
I’ll be happy if I score a run.
Must get ready.
It’s time for the game.
I’ll grab the glory.
My moment of fame.
Shin pads, gloves, helmet and ‘box’.
Blimey! That’s a hard ball.
They might as well throw rocks!
How can I run in all of this gear?
I’ll make sure I’m fitter next year.
Now it’s my turn to bat.
Well will you look at that.
I’m out for a ‘duck’.
That’s really bad luck.
The ball has hit my wicket.
Oh well, that’s cricket.

Lester Queripel

The Click In Your Head - Lester Queripel and Fred Williamson

When Paul Newman was playing Brick.
He said he hadn’t heard the ‘click’.
I resonate with everything he said.
About the ‘click’ that happens in your head.
The ‘click’ that changes dark into light.
The ‘click’ that changes wrong to right.
The ‘click’ that triggers the switch.
The medication needed to be enriched.

Far from normality into fantasy
Far from the boredom of reality
To escape the routine………the rut.
Bogged down. You’re stuck!
Being squeezed to death.
Your last breath!
Enveloped by quicksand.
Reaching for an outstretched hand.

The genie in the bottle.
The foot on the throttle.
But could a smile do the trick?
Help you hear the ‘click’?
Or would you rather be another Brick?
What does it take for you to hear your ‘click’?

Lester Queripel and Fred Williamson

Competition Winner - December 2012
A Winters Night - Ian Duquemin

Suspended smile on Lunar high
Brightening darkening dormant sky
Velvet heavens, moonbeam bright
Captured on this winter's night

Ian Duquemin

You Whisper Lies - Shannon Shell

You whisper you lies in my ear.
I’m crying inside but you don’t care.
My heart is bruised and torn in two.
You’ve pierced my soul and taken it with you.
You don’t see how I feel.
I say I’m fine but that’s not real.

Take some time and search your soul.
You don’t understand what you stole.
You see my smile but look in my eyes.

I’m a broken girl because of my sacrifice
I’ve given up so much to believe in you,
Even though we both know that’s not what I should do.
I took down my guard to give you trust.
You shredded it and now I’m lost.

The tears you don’t see are full of pain.
Did what you wanted and never complained.
I’m so naïve and so young.
Didn’t want you to believe you’d do me wrong.

But now I know just what’s your game.
Never again will I get played the same.
You were fake I was true.
I’ve been done like that before, it’s nothing new.

Behind a mask I hide.
So no-one knows how I feel inside.
You can peel this mask from my face.
But what you’ve taken you can’t replace.

Shannon Shell

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