TONIGHT - Open Mic Monday 27th February 2017

Open Mic Evening - Monday 27th February 2017

20:00 hrs - 22:00 hrs
La Villette Hotel, St. Martin, Guernsey
The 'Non-compulsory' theme is; 'Indecision'
There guest musician is; 'TBC'

The Nerve - Philip M Gale

Have you got the nerve
to take it all the way
make it work when all goes bad
fight another day.

Then rise above the odds
to do your given best
battle on against the pain
without a day of rest.

Can you hold your nerve
when they destroy all your trust
turn the other cheek
still love life when love is lost.

Can you look at danger
stare it in the face
have you got the nerve
to join the human race.

Philip M Gale

Trash Ethics - Donald Keyman

We're sending the tip of our refuse iceberg
To the land of Lindgren, Larsson and Strindberg
Yes, thank you Sweden, especially for Abba
Please take these pots from a rusting old crabber

So put out your bags, pile them up on the corner
They're all being sent to their own personal sauna
We're sending our empties, wine, spirits and beer
Crushed and shipped like a flatpack from IKEA

Mamma Mia! it's Swedish, our trash is now sexy
Who wants to dump it on boring old Jersey?
But, can you imagine Bergman and Garbo
Raking through Guernsey's rubbishy cargo?

Donald Keyman

Young Smokers - Diane Scantlebury

As he gazed up from his buggy with wondrous eyes,
A plume of mushroom shaped smoke
Hovered darkly above his head,
Poisonous fumes from the glowing stick
His mother clenched between her lips,
He marvelled as she exhaled,
Every puff obscuring her face
In a peek-a-boo game he’d played before,
She’d reappear suddenly with a throaty cough
Then bend and sweep him up,
Pressing his face into the familiar
Acrid perfume of her jumper,
He was too young to have a choice
Or to know that her selfish habit,
Would eventually cause
His untimely death.

Diane Scantlebury

Anyone For Tennis? - Oscar Milde

We hit words to and fro,
employing power and back-swing,
serve and volley,
determined, each, to score points off the other.
We both started out with Love
but now it’s six-two, six-three
and the neighbours are complaining
about the racquet.

Oscar Milde

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