On This Day - Kathy Figueroa

Let us celebrate the goodness of Man
The higher qualities and noble deeds
Let all people rejoice with poems and songs
For that’s what this weary world surely needs

Let’s think of what’s kind, all that’s beautiful
Though burdens of sorrow render it hard
The weight of cold darkness can be lifted
To warm hearts and souls of those sorely scarred

So let us make a conscious decision
To magnify all that’s good, and rejoice
Though life’s troubles will be cast upon us
Triumph over suffering is our choice

Kathy Figueroa

"On This Day" was published in the January 11, 2018, issue of The Bancroft Times newspaper.

Negative Earth - Lyndon Queripel

There’s no easy way out of here
There’s no secret track
I tried sometime last year
And I was lucky to get back

There’s a northbound path uphill
It’s so crooked and narrow
You can climb along it until
You’re scared of your own shadow

You can cross the border down south
But the bitter wind and the rain
Will leave a sour taste in your mouth
And then blow you back again

It’s a wicked trail to the east
Just days of dust and thirst
The long nights are cold at least
But I don’t know which is the worst

It seems your dreams are way out west
But it’s so full of dirty tricks
You’ll be left alone and depressed
Just looking for another fix

So as you travel near and far
Your ideals will start to curdle
Look behind from where you are
And you’ll find it’s all a circle.

Lyndon Queripel

Open Mic Monday 22nd January 2018

Open Mic Evening - Monday 22nd January 2018

20:00 hrs - 22:00 hrs
La Villette Hotel, St. Martin, Guernsey
The 'Non-compulsory' theme is; 'New Beginnings'
The guest musicians are; 'TBC'

Mr Pol - Oscar Milde

When Mrs Pol goes off to see her aunt
who lives across the town with umpteen cats,
Mr Pol skips upstairs with a smile
to slip on his wife’s best frocks and hats

and pull on her silk stockings and high heels,
her bra, with fillets filling out the slack,
and sometimes when he’s feeling in the mood
he’ll don her cheery little plastic mac.

He’s played these naughty games since, as a child,
he dressed in Mother’s bonnet and her shoes:
he’s not ashamed exactly, but concerned
at the hostility of other people’s views.

So how does he explain it to himself?
It’s really a compulsion not a choice.
It brings to mind his mother’s heady scent,
the fond-remembered romance in her voice.

Oscar Milde

La fille dans le soleil de soir - Tony Bradley

I honestly don't know now, I could have been dreaming
one hazy September evening, high tide at Port Soif
beautiful clouds on the horizon, pink, lilac, and purple
the sunset glowed scarlet, as the haze drifted off .

So peaceful, so lovely, I sat at a bench
just absorbing the beauty, as the sun slowly sank down
then, a noise, a girl just sat alongside me
smiling, but with a sort of a frown.

"You don't need to travel, . . . to see THIS," I said
with a sweet little voice, she said "Non"
the strangest thing, when I looked again
the bench was empty, the girl was gone.

Tony Bradley

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