Open Mic Evenings

Next meeting: 22nd January 2018
20:00 hrs - 22:00 hrs
La Villette Hotel, St. Martin, Guernsey
The 'Non-compulsory' theme is; 'New Beginnings'.
The guest musicians are; 'TBC'.

The Monthly Open Mic normally takes place between 8pm and 10:00pm on the third or fourth Monday of each month at the La Villette Hotel, St. Martin, Guernsey.

The evening is free although we do ask for a small donation, this helps to cover the costs of the room hire etc.

The evening is normally attended by about 20 People, mostly poets, but rejoinders are most welcome. A microphone is made available.

We start with a short parish notices / introduction, followed by a couple of songs from the guest musician.

Poets are then invited to read, this is done in list order, the list usually being drawn up on a first come first up basis.

There is normally a theme. (The theme is decided at the end of each meeting and published on the Guernsey Poets BlogSpot page) The theme is NOT compulsory and poets can read as many or as few poems on the theme within their allotted 5 minute slot.

After the first round there is a short bar / comfort break usually about 10 -15 minutes long. The second half runs to the same format as the first half, but is normally shorter than the first half.

The evening closes with a reminder of the date of the next meeting and also announcement of the theme for the next meeting.

Following the meeting a brief summary of the evening is distributed by email.

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