Remembering Fred (Fred Williamson 1941 - 2017) - John Carré Buchanan

Fred wrote of very simple things
The things he'd seen, places he'd been
Monkeys dancing in the trees
Dolphins, sunsets, a cool breeze
He looked to be a frail old man
with weathered face and tattoo hands
but the smile he wore was strong
it made him stand out in a throng.
He wrote poems on paper scraps
and couldn't always read them back
but his wit, his smile, his zest for life
always made listening worthwhile.
Yes he wrote of very simple things
But Fred you got it right
you left a world a better place
because you helped show the light.
I'll remember you
through some words you wrote;
for you "walked the land with head held high
With dignity purpose and pride
We value you for who you were
and what you were inside." *

John Carré Buchanan

*Inside - Lester Queripel and Fred Williamson

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