Chosen Paths - Julie Gallienne

Life is a lesson
we've agreed to learn
until we are returned to source
when it's our turn.
If we make mistakes
along the way
they are the dues planned
we agreed to pay.
But upon this journey
our time on earth
Spirits guiding light
is with us from birth.
Our hearts can be filled
with joy and bliss
through meditation
we can achieve this.
So open your hearts
and pass the love around
to people you meet
because what you give
they will repeat.
As I sit in contemplation
amid a life
of shattered dreams
I have come to the conclusion
all is not as it seems.
My life path has changed
to the future it's meant to be
but my final destination
is not entirely up to me.
I have a guiding hand
to push me along the way
but although I can give input
I can't have the final say.
A higher consciousness
to my greatest good
is prompting me
until I've understood.
If all the world
behaved this way
every war
would be held at bay.
We would live in peace
and harmony
talk through world problems
with tolerance
No showing of anger
no shifting the blame
pointing the finger
never again.
So if we all do a little
to help earth's people
the effects will expand
into a ripple.
Let this be felt
all over the world
so the future we demand
can unfurl.

Julie Gallienne

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