Ashdown - Tony Gardner

The sleet was ghostlike, laughing
with no purposeful intent
It came and covered nothing,
said 'Hi' and then it went
The scene unchanged remained the same,
damp and green and good
Half-hearted snow, that came tiptoe
all over Ashdown wood

A hiccup hardly noticed
in the thousand years or so
Of hunting grounds and industry
and sunny hours that flow
Today I stand and and watch the flakes
ephemeral and false
That dance in stately gaiety
to Time's unending waltz

Tony Gardner

Lover’s Knot - Diane Scantlebury

Softly spooned
Like kittens curled in a basket,
My hand propped and resting
On your thigh,
In unison we inhale, exhale,
You deeply purr
I happily sigh,

Seamlessly we interlock,
As a loving,
Harmonious building block,
Arm upon arm
We’re linked together,
In a lover’s knot that’ll last
Forever and ever.

Diane Scantlebury

Remember - Ian Duquemin

When I first saw your eyes
I fell as if I'd fell from heavenly skies
You gave a smile...
And from that moment I was yours
And then...
When I first kissed your lips
It seemed the sun and moon were bound to eclipse
We sat and watched the waves come crashing to the shores

When I first held your hand
You gave a squeeze to show that you understand
Your hair cascaded...
Like a waterfall in spring
And then...
You said I was the one
You said I cleared the clouds and showed you the sun
Without you darlin' that just wouldn't mean a thing

We just laughed everyday
When not together...
You seem so far away
I'd like to thank you...
For the love in which you give
And since...
We are one made of two
I would be nothing if I wasn't with you
Without you here well I just know I couldn't live

The Stars will always shine
You'll always be my sweetheart...
And my Valentine
We'll be together, I'm not ever letting go
So here...
These words I've written are true
They tell the whole world how I feel about you
I'll love you always...
But then you already know

Ian Duquemin

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