Jaws - Adam Clayton

the machine's jaws are 80 foot wide
busy gathering scraps, we crouch inside
flesh is ground up, transformed into paste
gratefully we ensure there's no waste
life on the edge is what we live out
some crumbs are that rich there's a risk of gout

assisting dental care, out of harm's way
we're living toothpicks with offcuts for pay
the machine consumes vast orders of meat
avoiding destruction is such a treat
picking fangs together, we're a right pair
working away, we get our fair share

Adam Clayton

Freedom Road - Ian Duquemin

I walked along a country road
Where I met an unknown friend
He'd travelled many, many miles
His journey had no end
I said "I'd like to join you...
Just nod if you'll agree"
He whispered in a soft tone
"The road ahead is free"

I said "This may sound crazy...
But I don't know who I am!
No one seems to know me...
Not many give a damn"
My friend he looked me in the eyes
Said "You have a soul that's true...
The only friend you need right now...
Is one that walks with you"

I listened to the silence
As if to ease my mind
I'd come in search of freedom
A place so hard to find
While heading t'wards the setting sun
The sky above turned red
"If you wake to see it rise again...
You're there!" my new friend said

We came upon a mountain
My feet were worn and tired
My eyes looked to the summit
I felt instantly inspired
The steps that raised us skyward
Left footprints on the ground
"We'll leave them there" my good friend said
"For others freedom bound"

And when we reached the heavens
We gazed upon our miles
Our journey ended silently
A hug, a nod, and smiles
He carried on his own way
We'll meet again sometime
Until then I shall journey on
This freedom road of mine

Ian Duquemin

Monumental Blunderings - Donald Keyman

In the land of monumental blunders, we need more public art
to celebrate our illustrious past, but really, where to start?
A donkey in the harbour? well yes I thought it wrong,
though the way they park the Condor, it wouldn't have lasted long.

I've looked all over Europe, and great statues I have seen
some so fine and noble, and others a bit obscene
in Jersey they've a monument, of people dancing free;
the silent Guernsey obelisk gives the finger, doncha see?

There's a big fish, up in Belfast, made of toilet tiles
it is a bit bizarre, but it raises many smiles
Edinburgh has Greyfriars Bobby, he moves the crowd to tears;
So what fantastic gewgaw could ideally grace our piers?

What about a massive chancre, cast in solid bronze?
(ignore the spider lovers, who would say that it was wrong)
Perhaps a bust of Len and Enid, or a lifelike Stone de Croze
Or maybe a popular deputy, in suitably statesmanlike pose?

Google "famous Guernsey people", and it will tell you this -
The most renowned donkey was a chap called Roy Dotrice
But delve a little deeper, there's Sir Isaac, famous for war
and his brother Daniel, who stayed to practise law

If we widen our net still further, to those from overseas
inevitably we find that author, of "Toilers of the Sea"
another statue of Hugo? well I know that he's the best
but surely now it must be time, to give the guy a rest?

There has to be a figure, who would justify the work
Calm down, hold your horses, I don't mean Maurice Kirk -
No this guy was a local legend, he was permanently peed
Yes - let's have a colossal statue - of the actor Olly Reed!

Donald Keyman

I don't really care what they do, it'll brighten up our day
as long as this poor ol' taxpayer doesn't have to pay...


Kingfisher - Trudie Shannon

The kingfisher,
A blur of iridescent blue and orange,
Hovered like some predatory humming bird
A hands breadth above the slow incoming tide,
Which swirled itself into eddies, a dancer searching for space.
And the kingfisher, seemingly caught in some invisible net
Or maybe just encapsulated in a bubble of air,
Was as still as fluttering wings allow.
And I was its witness, land heavy and in awe.
It’s departure was swift as if some careless hand had burst the bubble.
Falling like a stone, plunging fearlessly out of the air
And into the water, to emerge seconds later, a silver fish in its beak,
Water droplets falling from its feathers like luminescent rain.
Then it was gone, a blur of iridescent blue and orange
And I, its witness remained land heavy and in awe.

Trudie Shannon

Shattered Dream - Lyndon Queripel

You danced on the water
With lightning in your eyes
Raindrops in your heart
And thunder in the skies

You played on your harp
An angel without a prayer
Love was all around you
And electric filled the air

Your mouth was so dry
When at last you awoke
You held a broken mirror
In the coloured smoke

Sparks were still flying
In the wind of the storm
And you were all alone
No one to keep you warm

You reached out your hand
To touch the fading beam
Just left in the shadows
Of a shattered dream.

Lyndon Queripel

Guernsey Lily - Richard Fleming

Guernsey Lily
Unite our people
Elevate us
Return our sons
You are our symbol
Lily of the ocean
Island beauty
Let us endure as
You have endured

Richard Fleming

Gardens, . . . and memories - Tony Bradley

I love to look at your beautiful garden
I had one too, with rockeries, borders, and lawn
the morning dew, the birdsong, and the flowers
like sparkling jewels, in the glistening dawn.

I've had to forsake my garden now
I couldn't still manage it, so I couldn't stay
my old bones, and eyesight, have let me down,
but nothing can take my memories away.

Tony Bradley

Twilight - Tony Gardner

Sitting here in endless twilight
Smokey dreams stroll through my mind
From below the cliff I fell from
I remember sweeter times
When we'd live in endless sunshine
When the nights would never end
All we looked for was each other
Every minute was our friend
Then like snow when warmer days come
Watched you melting fast away
Left me mourning, like the night bird
Weeping in the silver-gray.

Tony Gardner

Guernsey Buses - Anon

Up and down the roads of Guernsey
we sit, happy, on the bus.
Cars are swerving into hedges ...
they are terrified of us.

We mount pavements ... it’s exciting.
Pavement users go quite pale.
Cyclists tumble from their cycles.
We leave chaos in our trail.

Look, we nearly smacked a jogger
but he had amazing luck ...
leapt aside before we hit him,
disappeared beneath a truck.

Did you see that silly driver
crash into a granite wall?
Our bus-driver kept his cool and
how we giggled, one and all.

Hikers, bikers, how they fear us:
big as dinosaurs we are.
Round blind corners with abandon ...
this ain’t transport, this is war.

All our cheery little faces,
through the windows, grin and smirk
as we flatten finance workers ...
our bus-driver’s gone berserk.

Up the Val de Terres we trundle ...
starting, stopping, setting down,
letting traffic jams behind us
form a tailback into Town.

Such a thrill to ride on buses.
Cats and donkeys go to ground.
Seagulls take avoiding action.
All of this for just a pound!


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