I Am A Little Knitter - Sara Kreckler

I am a little knitter but I am no quitter
Day by day I get fitter and fitter
Like a moth I flutter and flitter
I knit and knit and never slack
The amount of wool I use would reach the Moon and back
But you can't pull the wool over my eyes
I intend to carry on until I dies
On my headstone please make sure they write
'The wool ran out...............goodnight'.

Sara Kreckler

Right Now - Tony Gardner

At this very moment there are killer whales
Chasing seals in the ocean.
Right now Polar Bears are playing with cubs
On the ice covered Arctic ground
At this minute seas are lapping golden sands
Beneath rustling fronds of palm leaves
And right now Nature's most intelligent creature
Is in a world of his own, playing Games on his I-pad
Somewhere at this very moment anxious folk get ready to
Embark on quite a serious First Date
Somewhere else is someone sitting an exam
Of vital importance for their future
Right now some ordinary girl is putting on her wedding dress
For the most memorable day of her life
While right here somebody is oblivious to all
But the images on his laptop
AS you read this there is Civil War in some far country
It does not affect you, until you realise
That people fleeing from this Hell may end up in Your Country
After all their tragedy and torment can you deny
Peace for them in this Land of the Free
Or do you close your mind because it's easier
To hit that button and turn on that electronic drug
And lose your great, superior mind to Fantasy

Tony Gardner

Lost Childhood - Julian Clarke

before school,
water drips like a tear drop,
mesmerised by the unfairness, I stop;
your head bows to your reflection
cupped hands break the tension;
and daily,
tear drop, by tear drop
water trickles through fingers… it seeps;
slight ivory shoulders weigh so heavy,
laden, the vessel’s half the size of,
no matter whether girl, or boy;
look from the image on your t.v screen
your youngster plays with a new toy:
and still
tear drop, by tear drop
water trickles through fingers… it seeps;
slight ivory shoulders weigh so heavy,
laden, the vessel’s half the size of,
no matter, girl, or boy;
my heart weeps;
step by step
they go 

Julian Clarke

Unpack All Your Problems on Your Facebook Page - Chris Hudson

(to the tune of “Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag”)

Unpack all you troubles on your facebook page
And rave, rant and swear!
Unpack all your problems on your facebook page
And act like you don't care!
The whole world’s going to Hell in a hand cart,
So I’ll complain while I still can!
Unpack all your issues on the facebook page
And swear, swear, swear!
What’s the point in being stoical?
It won’t get you anywhere!
So, unpack all your troubles on the facebook page
And swear, swear, swear!
What’s the point in being polite?
It won’t get you anywhere!
So! Unpack all your troubles for all to see
and swear, swear , swear!

Chris Hudson

No Claims Bonus - Lyndon Queripel

I don't know how I got here
I can't even remember my name
I don't know where I was going
And I've forgotten how I came
Security crossed, the key's been lost
Without a label I look the same
I'm another face less case
Just waiting for my claim

Lyndon Queripel

Old Lady, Old Dog Together - Trudie Shannon

Evening tide, high water on the tidal river
Old lady and her old dog together.
Old dog wanders the shore head,
Ancient nose sniffing at delectable debris
From the morning's tide,
Seaweed, crab shells, the odd, small rodent’s corpse.
Old lady bears a small rucksack and a stick
The accoutrements of all serious walkers
But ….
She is not here to walk.
She removes her shoes and rolls up her trouser legs.
Old dog raises its head, sniffs the air
Looks at old mistress and potters on.
Old lady enters water,
Lets the sea rise to her wrinkled knees.
She stands awhile,
She stands in tree shadow,
Looking out across the river as the sun casts last light,
To parry and to dance upon the flowing water.
Old lady wades a little.
Old dog sits awhile.
Small crabs scuttle at her feet,
Fry gather in flashes and fish leap at mayflies.
Evening tide, high water on the tidal river
Old lady and her old dog together.

Trudie Shannon

Tilikum - Ian Duquemin

He swims in circles going nowhere
Exhibited throughout the day
An audience then marvels
At his sad and cruel display
This creature with his freedom taken
Does what he is taught to do
Entertaining those who gather
Tricks preformed for you
You then leave SeaWorld wet and laughing
With your family, journey home
Without a thought for Tilikum
Imprisoned all alone

Ian Duquemin

In a Hurry - Diane Scantlebury

Kids never walk
They always need to run,
Kids never talk quietly
They always need to shout,
It’s the impatience of youth
Can’t wait to know what life's about,

Kids are always in a rush
In case there’s something they're missing,
We tell them to slow up
But kids will never listen,

Kids think they're invincible
They never seem to worry,
They'll leap without looking first
'Cause kids are always in a hurry!

Diane Scantlebury

Dieting Can Be Hell - Kathy Figueroa

This dieting can be Hell
With nary a late-night snack
I wage a constant battle
When the hunger pangs attack

And should I dare venture out
To the neighbourhood café
The waitress takes my order
And “salad” is what I say

When at the farmers’ market
I’m careful where I inhale
If too close to the pastries
My diet will surely fail

Falafels and samosas
Torment me in night visions
While lettuce figures largely
In my mealtime decisions

No more tasty onion rings
Or scrumptious golden french fries
No more sublime bread puddings
Lemon squares or berry pies

I only dream of pasta
With rich, red tomato sauce
…That’s until my bathroom scales
Show a substantial weight loss

Every store-bought beverage
Now must bear close scrutiny
And won’t ever touch my lips
Unless it’s calorie free

To date, I’ve lost a few pounds
My step’s a bit more sprightly
I can squeeze into my clothes
And don’t feel so unsightly

So, a salute to all folks
Who must struggle with weight gain
I’m waging that same battle
…And certainly know the pain

Kathy Figueroa

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