Lazy Sunday - Tony Robert

Another lazy Sunday morning
And I’m lying in my bed.
Suddenly with no warning
You’re running through my head

Try to shake away the thought
But still the images persist
Think I’m falling, must be caught
But you’re so hard to resist

Said I wouldn’t do it
Go through all that pain
Hearts been shattered, life in tatters
Could I take the risk again?

I’m acting like a love sick kid
You’ve really touched my heart
When we meet like we just did
I never want to part.

Know I should be old and wise
But you make me feel so young
For me you were a big surprise
Haven’t felt this way for so long

At last I’m looking forward
Instead of living in the past
I’m full of optimism
Just hope that it will last.

Tony Robert

Ships Passing - Rosemary Parrott

In my teens I used sit at my bedroom window on the hill near the Castel Church at night, watching the pinpricks of light that marked the movement of shipping along the horizon: cargo ships with their collection of lights at one end and a masthead light at the other, and cruise ships, not so many in those days, with a row of lights from stem to stern and between the masts, not dreaming that I would ever have the chance to go on one myself.

Several times now I’ve seen the caption on the cabin screen `You are now entering the Casquets gyratory system’, as if it were a roundabout on some motorway, and gone up on deck to watch as I go past Guernsey. I watch the row of lights in the distance and wonder if there is another restless teenager sitting at that window, watching my light creeping along the horizon and longing to be free.

My poem, 'Ships passing', is included in my most recent book 'Lanterns in Wet Leaves' which has just been published.

Ships Passing - Rosemary Parrott

No moon,
Hardly any stars;
A row of dark oaks
Stand firm before
The window,
Giant prison bars
Causing me to cry:
“Let me go,”-
But silently,
Inside my head,
So that no-one else will know.

Distant pinpricks of light
Inch their way
Along the edges of the sky:
Green ones
On their way to England,
Red, bound for
The Bay of Biscay
And beyond;
While in systematic round,
The lighthouse
Combs its corner
Of the night
With rhythmic,
Sweeping finger.

Rosemary Parrott

Summer 2012-07-15 - Pat

Clouds scudding across blackened skies
Bursting to shed Rain, Rain, Rain
April passes May & June
Will sun ever appear again?

Empty beaches. cafes, kiosks
Fields sodden, crops go under
Forecasts tell us over & over
More rain, hail & thunder.

Birds & Plants, Nature confused
Is it Winter, Summer or Spring?
July comes outlook dismal
But we cannot alter a thing.

Maybe in August or September
The sun will shine to stop the rot
And being human, rain forgotten
We’ll all complain we’re much too hot!


'Lennox' Was His Name - Kathy Figueroa

In Belfast, they killed a dog
'Lennox' was his name
He wasn't a rabid, vicious beast
He was a family pet and quite tame
The reasoning for this evil act
Was rather devoid of rationale
They said he just looked like a killer breed
And couldn't possibly be a little girl's pal
Without a shred of decency
Only blackness in each heart
The Belfast City Council
Ripped a family apart
They confined the poor pet, Lennox
To a sawdust covered cell
He'd done nothing to warrant being cast
Into that man made H*ll
They kept him isolated for two years
Until his coat became ragged and bare
It was obvious from the pictures
That he wasn't receiving proper care
How he must've cried each night
To be taken back to the arms of his family
While good people protested around the world
To try to have poor Lennox set free
Many wanted to adopt him
And take him far away
They wanted to give him a loving home
Where he could run and play
But their voices fell upon nothing
Except cold and heartless ears
And on the morning of July 11, 2012
The dog killers of Belfast
Actualized everyone's worst fears

They say that the way a person treats a dog
Shows how that person will treat other men
So it's certain, in Belfast, cruelty will surface, again
The behaviour of those who killed Lennox
Was a complete and utter disgrace
May they be known, forevermore
As bad examples of the human race

Kathy Figueroa

Paradise - Jenny Hamon

Image: Jenny Hamon

Paradise - Jenny Hamon

As I sit here, perched on a rock
Half way between sky and sea
I feel an infinity with God,
A joining of him and me.

The wheeling gulls, the blooming gorse
Make this a heavenly space.
If this is paradise, I’m here
Cradled in this beautiful place.

It’s a magical place, my cliff top seat
Where peace becomes the norm.
I drink in the wonderful atmosphere
That campions and thrift adorn.

A couple of hours to contemplate
Restores sanity to my soul
Amid the very busy life
That seems to be my role.

I gaze towards the horizon
Out where the sea and sky meet.
That’s where I’ll find my rainbow’s end
And my life will be complete.

Jenny Hamon

Write A Poem - Tony Robert

You’ve got to write a poem
That’s what they say
Just one worry
Better hurry
The deadline’s on Saturday

You should enter the Eisteddfod
It’ll be a bit of fun
Write the odd line
That’ll do fine
Try to get it done

But how to write a poem
Think up the clever rhyme
Make it scan
That’s the plan
I’m running out of time

Now the clock is ticking
Need some inspiration
Must be dim
Getting grim
This feeling of desperation

Suddenly it’s easy
The words just seem to flow
Line by line
Doing fine
I’m really on the go

On and on and on I write
Trying to impress
Think I’ve done it
Maybe won it
But perhaps I’m not the best

Others have been at it
Writing lots of lines
They’re really smart
Know the art
Of making better rhymes

Never mind at least I’ve tried
To do my very best
This writing game
Is hard to tame
Have I passed the test?

At last someone’s read it
Although it’s such a fudge
Had some giggles
At my squiggles
Well, you be the judge

Tony Robert

Acrostic Sonnet: The Opening of a New Real Ale Pub - Andrew Barham

Take us down to a grand and ancient pub
Hidden away on a lost avenue
Every soul consigned to Beelzebub
Bartered away for a drink grand and true
Each quaffer on his foaming pint intent
Sups mightily at perfectly hopped brew
These lads know from whence springs their deep content
Revealed only to the lord’s chosen few.
Eager drinkers of the world’s finest beer,
Alone or with friends, hie they hither here;
Let’s drink up!” the lord of the land bellows!
All things end for the best of fellows!
Last orders all round while the night is young;
Egad! It’s all over! Last bell’s been rung!

Andrew Barham

Chocolate - Kathy Figueroa

This is what I've learned today:
Chocolate chases the blues away
If tears are flowing from my eyes
I reach for chocolate, the large size
Chocolate, the food of Aztec kings
Is surely about what the sweet bird sings
A gift to mortals from the divine
Or to a lover, a valentine
It makes frayed nerves start to mend
Yes, chocolate is a woman's friend
It doesn't just put you in a good mood
It's a healthy, vitamin filled food
Chocolate makes you feel fine and regal
Let's hope they never make it illegal

Kathy Figueroa

Summer? - Jenny Hamon

What’s happened to the Summer?
It got washed away.
When can we shed our woolies
And let the sun come out to play?

We haven’t had a chance
To wear our summer clothes
Let alone the swimsuits,
Not even dipped our toes.

The longest day has passed now
The evenings will draw in.
We can forget those balmy barbeques
With our kith and kin.

An Indian summer’s possible
We do still have the time
To enjoy some lovely autumn days
When the sun finally shines.

Jenny Hamon

All You Want - Tony Robert

Spectacular sunsets, moonlight and stuff
Stormy black skies when the weather’s rough
Dramatic scenes in your mind
When all you want is a cuddle

First lambs of spring, an awesome thing
Baby’s first talk, toddlers first walk
Wonderful memories in your mind
When all you want is a cuddle

Can’t seem to function
Crazy at times
Brain out to luncheon
Losing your mind
Total disorder
Wild despair
Just need to know
Somebody’s there

First light at sunrise
Start of the day
Long summer’s evenings
Sun slipping away
Beautiful days, wonderful nights
But all you want is a cuddle

Tony Robert

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