Competition Winner - April 2012
No Fishing - Jenny Hamon

I’m “King of the fishers” and this is my patch
I skim over the water to retrieve my catch
My feathers sparkle in the morning sun
Another day’s fishing has begun.

I put up a sign to let anglers see
This river is mine and the fish will feed me
The fishing rights have been mine for all of my time
So I’ll ask you politely, Please observe the sign.

Jenny Hamon

Valentine - D. B. Morst

As you rightly know, it’s that time of year
That some do enjoy and others do fear.
For hundreds of days (and some sleepless nights)
I’ve targeted you right bang in my sights.
The safety is off and the chamber is full
The trigger is trembling, just ready to pull.
As I start to aim, I put in my trust
That you will be hit by my bullet of lust!

D. B. Morst

Atrophy: Ended & Begun - Alec Jackson

all signs of atrophy have abated,
the symptom; love, that coud be sated.
that we two should remain apart
will be less craft and more art,
to act this out, my Lear.
success? what I fear.
my hope to fail
to foresake,

Alec Jackson

Creatures - John E Blaise

“Would you like a cup of tea dear”
A lizard sprawled out on top of a sun-bed
Spoon fed, emotionally bled dry
Half dead ready to shed another skin.
Squinting in the bright sun more lizards
Some with failing eyesight, afraid of sunlight
Sleep all day awake at night
Heavy breathing and sighing, crying and dying,
Slowly dunking digestive biscuits into a white teacup.
Lizards wearing straw sun hats and flat caps
Sitting knitting or hands placed on laps.
Sun beating down on dry scaly skin
Bodies all limp and thin,
Some walk across the manicured lawn
Short legs, bent backs, faces drawn
Anxious to enjoy the afternoon sun.
Lizards everywhere in the grounds of a nursing home,
“Would you like another cup of tea dear”.

John E Blaise

The Little Café - Holly Jones

The little café is across the street
It’s not too far so use your feet
Service with a smile is what they say
They won’t mind so stay all day
Make yourself at home bring a book or your phone
Once your there you won’t want to come home
They serve Breakfast, lunch and even tea
Brilliant views right near the sea
Outside seating for that summer breeze
once you see there cakes you will be begging on your knees
So when you think about the little café
Remember that smile because that’s what they say!

Holly Jones

Mirror - D. B. Morst

Forever must you haunt my world?
Cruel ties, I ache to sever.
Gaunt spectre, living hell unfurled
Take pity, flaunt no more those pretty
Eyes that toll the bell of truth,
Quit now this fierce endeavour.

Nightly stars do bring to me
A vision sweet, most sightly.
Thing of day, I ask you please
Go, leave me! Sting no more, relieve me!
Risen sun; the task too harsh,
To grasp this mask so tightly.

Seek the truth? I dare not try
My soul, it’s essence fast does leak.
Stare never! Live the lonely lie
Don’t judge me, Glass no more begrudge me
Role of peace, (my only sin)!
For my troubled heart grows weak.

Obey the rules, cast smiles bright
Each morn’ that beams a sunray.
While inward torment; troubled plight!
Reflection, vile, false projection
Born not I, this doubled form!
Now no longer must it stay.

D. B. Morst

Two Limericks on the Sea - Jenny Woods

The Sea # 1

Oh! The Ocean, the Sea, et la Mer,
wide ranging tsunamis so rare.
vast expanses with white horse waves,
calm waters that wash into caves,
men in boats of all sizes; 'Take care'.

The Sea # 2

The waters that crash on the rocks
lap silently o're shoes and socks.
they pull back the pebbles and sand
leaving seaweeds the length of the strand,
and detritus in harbours and docks.

Jenny Woods

Shanty - Alec Jackson

Have all the masted angels
braced their wings for flight?

Rainbow sprays of salty sea
cascade the purging bow
and damps our leading sail.

The eastern wind that swifts us
home to steadfast port
and the soft capstan dance,
drumming of the bodhran beat.
The main sail unfurls and family bound
by the warming breeze
while the song of a crooning sailor
seems low.

Alec Jackson

For Now… - D. B. Morst

Weep not my dearest friends –
For here I rest, blessed not with sleep
But peace that truly mends
The ills that ran so deep
Such pain I could not let you keep.

Cry not for years not spent
Each morn’ that nears, fears fade then die
I know how much I meant –
So never question why
The answers far beyond us lie.

Take peace, for I’ll not leave
Be still awhile, smile, please don’t break
Your heart in two and grieve
But precious memories make
And keep my gentle soul awake.

D. B. Morst

The Mistress - K Svensson

I watch you sit and gently lift her
Then with reverence caress her curves.
She is your mistress, your one true love
You say not a single word.

Holding her so tenderly
You slowly close your eyes.
Fingers playing with her neck
Soft mellow tones she cries.

Burnished gold, resplendent
With you alone she stands.
Animated life you bring to her
With strong and expert hands.

Delicately, deftly
Bow on silver strings,
Bach’s Prelude No 6 to me
So sweetly she doth sing.

Bewitched, your performance over,
You both are now complete.
You place her oh so gently
Down beside your feet.

Your ‘cello is the one you love
With all your beating heart
She is your only mistress
And you two shall never part.

K Svensson

Moths - John E Blaise

Moths dancing near the candle flame
With a frenetic fervour playing a game
Fast and furious towards the light
Flickering but to them so bright
The candle the flame the heat of the night
Closer they came suicidal no fight
Illuminated dancing an awesome sight
Flamenco, rumba, fandango, the last tango.

John E Blaise

The Hourglass - D.B. Morst

Within a fragile vessel, the grains of time
With agile grace,
Pace silently, no beat no chime.
A deep and golden tress is,
Sweeping not about a face.

For here inside this timepiece, life’s beat does seep
From widened crown,
Down far below, to empty deep,
A hungry dark abyss,
Where all history does drown.

Oh give to me a heartbeat, but one more pulse
To see the light!
Might time stand still, and not convulse,
The memories incomplete,
Far beyond my failing sight?

But my pleas for life anew, cry out in vain
No peace I’ll earn,
Burn endlessly, in tortured pain,
Holding not my one love true,
I'll watch the hourglass turn.

D.B. Morst

The Cost - D.B. Morst

Silent city of the dark
Where tombstone buildings mark the past
And trees aghast hold branches stark
Up to the haunted skies
To join forgotten cries.

Moon-drenched cobbles drown the sigh
Of solemn footfall, dying pace
And anguished face, a mourner I
Of blossoms gay in bloom
- Now choked in death’s perfume.

A suffocating fog of grief
That hanging heavy ‘neath the cloud
Does wait to shroud the lily wreath
I clutch in prayer worn hands
- The cost of Eden’s lands.

Walking sadly through the years
Bearing weight of tears not cried
For life that died, yet death still nears!
And stretches out its tangled claw
To seize this lily soul so pure.

Beating heart within does sound
The roll of drum around my head,
To wake the deadened past I’ve found
And grant it newfound breath
I’ll die a second death.

Falling, pleading ‘gainst the earth
I know not my soul’s worth to you
But I’ll anew with second birth
Within an eerie sleep
Forever in your keep.

Sweet slumber brings forth petals
A lilac snowfall settles calm
But to my palm are painful nettles
What! Can I not hold, just see
The life you promised me?

D.B. Morst

The Bells' Lament - D.B. Morst

Above the silver dusted land,
The church bells rang with joyous love
Through winter’s frosted air they sang,
To reach the hearts of man.
Such peace they filled my heart so true
And with their sound came you.

Beside the boughs of sparkled light,
Sweet words of love did pour
Your heart, a garland, golden bright,
Adorned my own forever more,
Bejewelled my life that night.

Time for us did seem to cease
“Eternal Peace!”, chimed on the bells.


Beneath the stars of time now spent,
The bells a New Year gaily brought
With hopes sublime and endless rue,
Folk pledged their lives anew.
Like midnight song resounded loud
Our wedded bliss you vowed.

Amidst the merriment you kept
Your place before me knelt,
Confetti tears of joy I wept
The snows of winter thus did melt,
Your heart I did accept.

Let love for us, not ever cease
“Eternal Peace!”, the bells did plead.


Within the garden new with life,
The bluebells on the breeze did dance
Springtime dew had blessed each one
With jewels that twinkled in the sun.
The fairy chimes of dawn did play
And we were blessed that day.

For in my arms, our precious gift,
As if from heaven sent
Rosebud lips and silken wisps
Her newborn clasp, my heart I lent
Let not her fingers lift!

Our love for her shall never cease
“Eternal Peace”, rang sweet the bells.


Above the freezing shrouds of ice,
The church bells tolled in sombre march.
On blackened clouds they kept their hold
And thus their sad news told.
Such sorrow as my heart did weep
Each beat, a nail deep.

Within the realms of no reprieve
Not ever one more breath.
Oh my love, why did you leave!
Your heart, forever held by death,
Your love, left here for me to grieve?

Your time with us, did cruelly cease
“Eternal Peace” cried out the bells.

D.B. Morst

Keeper of the Flames - Katherine Svensson

Firelight died so long ago
No flickering flames to incandesce.
No longer yellow hues to see
No more dancing flames for thee.

The flames went out they were not fed
Smothered by jealousy instead.
You sought control now fire burns
Without love to anger turns.

Where flames once flickered
Grey ashes lie.
For without love
They fade and die.
Not even afterglow we see
No more dancing flames for thee.

Katherine Svensson

Autumn - John E Blaise

Halcyon days but alas we are not kingfishers.
Autumnal feel the air so crisp and clear
As days draw in the night-time fear.
Early morning dew grass strewn with gossamer
Trampolines for the spider and fly.
So take me down to the beautiful river,
Through the golden wooded maze
To the still water covered in a blanket of haze.
Stare ahead at the nebulous shapes
Deafened by the sound of silence
Soporific ambience of this enchanted place
Far far away from the human rat race.

This is a place to unwind and not to care
Be at one with nature, naked and bare
Autumn autumn but this is my autumn
I do not want to see another winter or spring
But I will miss listening to the birds sing.
Hypnotised in a mesmerism of euphoria
This place is Nirvana, elation, jubilation.
Magnetic draw unclothed I step into the water
Cold water covers knees, waist, neck so fast
Goodbye, goodbye cruel world, peace at last

John E Blaise

Pride - Alec Jackson

She is magnificent!
golden resplendence,
the matriarch huntress,
independent, wild queen.

Her poise belies her life,
those struggles hidden
by majestic action
of selfless giving.

Only now do we see
this holy creature
within context, without;
female, mother, beauty.

Aged with sagacity,
providence guides him:
his own stature measured
by exploit and venture.

This king knows inner calm,
understands this time
and has seen this venus;
he roars his offering.

The plains echo the call,
distant kings retort
but here with cautious pride
steps the gentle equal.

Both paths remain aloof
yet bound together
the noble beasts, so joined
by fate and destiny.

Alight with fired passions
these two obfuscate;
she, her brood protecting,
he, on her rejecting

Yet, dependent, they go
the pair are prideful
caring as one, and on
the padding roads are traced.

Alec Jackson

A Posh Affair - Jenny Hamon

‘Been invited to a Posh Affair,
And really don’t have a thing to wear.
I think I need to buy a nice gown,
Maybe I’ll take a trip to town.

I tend to go for the casual look,
With comfort being top of my book.
So this is out of my comfort zone,
With quality and style to hone.

After searching all the day,
And trying dresses that “cut a sway”,
The material just has no give,
I think I’m losing the will to live.

Either I’m too big or it’s too small,
Or I’m too short or it’s too tall.
I searched the shops from morn to night,
Maybe I’ll decline the invite.

On the way home I have an idea,
A charity shop is very near.
So off I set with hopes held high,
That I will find a real good buy.

The charity shop had just the thing,
A smart black dress with a bit of bling.
I hope the people at my table
Won’t notice it’s not a designer label.

I’ve decided “designer” is not my thing,
With slender cut and clothes that cling.
Instead a bargain’s more my style,
And wear it with a confident smile!

Jenny Hamon

Singularity - Wendy Maitland

This place is our place,
I can feel you in the air:
Every breath breathes you to me,
Teasingly in the way we were;
As at my feet these same stones,
Old and worn on this dry path,
Sigh and sing, calling your name.

Nothing changes.
Heat rises up as before,
Intoxicating with the smell
Of grass and dust, and us;
Our place, but not our time.
The world moves on without you,
But I am standing still.

Wendy Maitland

Temptation - John E Blaise

I woke up in the middle of the night
Wearing striped pyjamas that was strange.
I could have been dreaming I wasn't sure
As I walked towards the open door,
Outside, inside the enclosed garden
I followed a snail trail left on the paving slabs.
The trail was delicate and fine
But so direct and purposeful a ley-line
Led me to a beautiful woman, a bright paragon
Naked, bare, uncovered yes nude
Apart from pink petals that covered her feet
An awesome presence yet she was so petite
She smiled and asked me to follow her
I must have been shocked I just said no
So she asked whether she should go
I said I didn't really know
She ordered me to close my eyes real tight,
Then open them real slow.
I woke up in the middle of the night
Naked that was strange.

John E Blaise

The Little Star - Liz Woodington

Little star shines so brightly
In the night’s sky,
Shining constantly,
Full of beauty and life……….
How pretty she looks,
At the start of her journey.

Little star flickers a bit,
Aware something is not right,
Losing vibrancy,
Not so sturdy now………….
Her brightness fading,
Seeming to have gone forever.

Little star shines no longer,
Her existence made extinct,
Simply forgotten,
Simply discarded from the sky………
The damage is done,
Can’t turn the clocks back now.

Little star sits in the sky,
Where no-one can see her,
Not worth anything,
Full of despair and rejection…………
But she knows she is there,
……….Don’t give up little star!!

Little star begins to be surrounded,
By a loving warmth,
Gradually getting brighter,
Starting to find herself again………
Once more she will reign,
In the night’s sky.

Little star shines so brightly,
In the night’s sky,
Free at last……….
Shining in all her glory,
For everyone to see.

Liz Woodington

Rags - John E. Blaise

A pile of rags lying in the gutter,
Beside the deserted pavement amongst the debris.
The rags lie motionless amongst the litter,
Greasy, stained rags.
Silent, static, calm.
Surrounded by rubbish, waste encircling the rags,
Coated with filth and grime and dust.
Unnoticed, never given a second glance,
Resting quietly, peacefully in the gutter,
Enclosed covered in dust.
Then very slowly, reluctantly a slight movement,
A stir, a rustle, a sound, a murmur.
Rolling over out of the gutter onto the pavement,
Slowly twisting, turning then shaking.
Rags separating, forming shapes, contours, a figure.
Arms slowly stretching high,hands, fingers, nails,
Legs, feet, toes and rags.
A figure on haunches then stands.
Now erect and straight and still and quivering
They start to rumble along the pavement.
Rags with no face, no features, no hope,
Stumble along towards the pier to the beach.
Stump and clump along the foreshore.
Rags resting amongst the rotting seaweed
Camouflaged, blending, sand, seaweed, flies and rags!

John E. Blaise

Wellspring - Alec Jackson

The Hole I sink
is to find Heav'ns fount,
to provide God's crops
with prickled heads for seed to mount.

It's shaft, infirm,
endures caving in,
so walls are sure stoned
to ensure liquid draughts within.

The task is long;
much fought through great trial,
when done, measured time
etched a grim determined smile.

And now life's Sun
draws bright fourishes
while I lift my cup
from the water that nourishes.

Alec Jackson

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